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2022 Trends in Sneakers & Casual Footwear

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2022 Trends in Sneakers & Casual Footwear

Fashion is a reflection of society, and today's trends bear out the desire for simpler times.   Throwback to the classics has peaked at the end of 2021 and is on the decline.  Design styles building in demand lean toward clean lines and big spaces.

Another trend, which reflects a weariness of the mainstream, is the pivot to off-brands.   Additionally, with crypto, NFTs, and the metaverse creating a splash, many are feeling left out and want in on the surge at the ground floor.

Lastly, in uncertain economic times, more shoppers look toward value and thrift.   Second-hand exchanges on sites like Poshmark and Mercari are a fantastic way to buy unique style on a budget.   They offer a range of prices an conditions, across a plethora of brands.


Off-Brands Boom On Low Prices

Savvy consumers have figured out how to flip the script on high prices, focusing on new trends rather than paying top dollar to keep up with the fading ones.  It takes a lot of time to access other markets and find the diamonds in the rough.

Freestyle Footwear does the legwork for you.   We sift through hundreds of styles every day to bring you something different that connects with your personality.  Our mission is to bring you a unique inventory of quality, modern shoes.


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