Tips To Keep Your Shoes Clean | Freestyle Footwear

Tips To Keep Your Shoes Clean | Freestyle Footwear

Tips To Keep Your Shoes Clean

Shoes are an important part of our outfit, but we forget them as soon as we enter the house. The problem is that they are not taken care of and can get dirty and smelly very quickly.

If we have bought good shoes and since the outlay is not the same as if we buy inferior quality ones, it is normal that we want them to last as long as possible, and we can even achieve savings compared to buying inferior quality shoes. Since if we take care of them properly, they can last like two or three pairs of poor quality shoes. If we consider shoes as a fundamental piece of our wardrobe, we must give them the importance they deserve and dedicate a little of our time to them. If you follow our simple tips in this article, you can extend the life of all your footwear and always enjoy quality footwear spending the same as other people with inferior quality footwear.

Here are some tips to keep your shoes like a real professional:

1) If we have to walk on a rainy day and they get soaked, put them to dry at room temperature, never store them wet because they will grow mold and damage your shoes.


2) If your feet sweat and your shoes get wet, I recommend that you put them in a window to ventilate, I assure you that the smell will disappear. In case it still persists, sprinkle a little baking soda or boric acid inside the shoes and goodbye bad smell.


3) To prevent your shoes from getting damaged at the back when you put them on and take them off, I advise you to use a wooden or plastic shoehorn, which you can buy at shoe stores.


4) Maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of your suede shoes is as simple as cleaning them with a soft brush and soda or sparkling water.


5) If your shoes are a bit tight and you can't stand them every time you put them on, then put water in a plastic bag, close it very well, place it inside the shoes, and put them in the refrigerator until the next day. The water will turn to ice and voila, the shoe will widen.


6) To clean the white edges of your sneakers, take a toothbrush that you no longer use and a little toothpaste and rub it, you will see how you recover the color of your shoes.


7) When you put wax or shoe polish on your shoes and before removing the shine, moisten a cotton ball with alcohol and pass it over the entire surface, then take the brush and rub vigorously, and you will see how shiny they will be.


8) Use leather care products such as lotion, cream, or polish to moisturize and preserve your shoes. To keep your shoes once you wear them, put them back in their respective box, so they don't fill up with dust in the closet.

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