Shoe-flation Hits 20 Year High | Freestyle Footwear

Shoe-flation Hits 20 Year High | Freestyle Footwear

Shoe Inflation Exceeds Norms

Creativity Stifled

Your shoes cost 3000% more than the cost to make. That's right, you paid 30 times the actual production cost for the shoes on your feet! Shoe-flation is at its highest in 20 years, with no sign of slowing and no real originality to show for it. It's the same old swooshes and outrageous prices year after year.


(image from SneakerNews)

Style Meets Affordability

Freestyle Footwear keeps it thrifty with unique and adventurous men's designs that stand out in a crowd. To compete with Big Shoe, we keep overhead and retail mark-up to a minimum, and all prices below the $75 average cost of sneakers.

Better yet, our steady rotation of new footwear from around the globe keeps us ahead of the fashion curve. Find exciting casual street shoes, high tops, boots, sneakers, slides, and more at unbeatable prices. Treat your feet at Freestyle Footwear. Go to today!


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