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Punk Fashion | Men's Shoes | The Anti-Brand Movement

Punk music and fashion emerged in a time of economic depression and social hardship.  The backlash was very much a rejection of the status quo forged by older generations.  It's no surprise then, as economic cycles recur, that punk is surging once again.

You can try to argue the origins of punk, though a band named Death captures that honor.   The Ramones and Sex Pistols certainly branded their legacies audibly and on the fashion scene thereafter.  However, Chucks weren't popular in the 70s, and the co-founders of punk would rail against the mainstream.

The future of the punk sound and aesthetic is not in throwbacks.   Bad Brains, NOFX, Fugazi, etc. moved the sound forward, but did nothing for the fashion.  With newer sounds like Nobunny and Bomb the Music Industry! shutting down, only punk fashion remains a certainty.

Shoes are at the root, and can make or break an outfit.   In terms of the punk look, there's one clear message from the community... NO LABELS!   Punk has returned to the anti-brand movement where mainstream looks at inflated prices are not intriguing, unique, or acceptable.

Thrift and off-brand are hot, with a desire for more canvas and less logo.  A clean, basic look with an edgy, hard-luck vibe is at the root of punk.  More stores like Freestyle Footwear are filling the originality gap with collections from overseas and across the pond.  Consumers are becoming more comfortable expressing their unique personalities in the shoes they wear, to the point that wearing the same shoes as another is considered unfortunate.

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